The „Gemshorn“ is a beak or vessel flute whose body is mostly made of cow horn.
I also use other wild animal horns or bones, which I transform respectfully and with gratitude to wonderful instruments.

Bone flutes are the oldest archaeologically proven musical instruments of humanity.
Discoveries of bird bone Flutes prove that these instruments were built and played more than 35,000 years ago.

My flute mouthpieces are mostly made of wood and the body is a deer- or a birdbone.  During the process, I pay attention to quality, ergonomics and aesthetics so that the flute is easy to play.

In order to make the instrument more unique and individual, the finishing touches are usually completed with carving, firing or
inlay work (Depends on customer requirements).

The vase flutes have a warm, enchanting clear sound, but are usually not overblown.

The moods are very variable. From pentatonic, diatonic, chromatic, mojave or anasazi moods anything is possible.
(Depending on the size and volume of the body.)