I was born in 1986 in a region known for it’s extensive forests and mystic heritage (Waldviertel / Austria, close to the Czech border)

Since I was a young teenager I felt best amidst a natural environment: forests, clear rivers, sitting on boulders and being in contact with the animals of the forest.

Building on an education (and family background) in forestry I was drawn to elders and teachers of the old wisdom.

Shamanic work such as sweat lodge, vision quests and nature rituals led me to a deeper understanding and conections with the source and the elements.

Pachamama inspires me to direct my joy and skills towards crafting flutes and objects for medicinal use.

The woods, feathers and other materials used I encounter on my strolls through the woods close-by.

It frequently happens that I get drawn to specific directions by objects, sometimes it feels like they are calling me.

The creative act of carving starts later on when time and place, inspiration and intention are align.

In hours of manual labor, wood, horn, bone or other materials evolve into pieces of art or medicinal objects.

The instruments I carve are also applied in sound journeys I have been hosting for years together with affiliated musicians.

I am father to a beautiful daughter and utterly grateful for this life and that I may grow and evolve mentally and spiritually every day again and again.