Nada Brahma - The world is sound

In the sound lies the silence - and the reorganization!
(Jonathan Goldman)


As a sound worker I use my voice and other musical instruments to create a space of security, relaxation and introspection.

A wide variety of instruments is used during my guided sound journeys.

Besides flutes, other instruments I use include but are not limited to guitar, shruti Box, Kailani, Koshis, shamanic frame drums, shakers, handpans, monochords, singing bowls and more.


The sound helps to restore balance within.
It works on multiple levels and enhances the capacity to open yourself and let go.

The body’s own healing forces are being activated while we step into a field of expanded perception.
It helps a great deal in feeling our own calling of the heart!


„When man is in tune with himself and his surroundings he is also capable to live his life creative and free.” (Peter Hess)

Let’s be lifted up by the sounds and our own hearts!



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